About Us

Lam is the creative founder of Matanga Fitness.

It is a concept born of his deep love for dancing and music, and a testament to his culture. 

Congolese born, Lam has been dancing since he could walk. He has devoted much of his time and energy to sharing his love for rhythm, music and movement with others.

Lam has taught and performed nationally and internationally as a dancer and choreographer for many years. Matanga, however, was his vision for reaching out to more people to make the joy of dancing accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

After competing as a professional swimmer to represent Congo nationally and abroad, he moved to Australia in 2007. Following his drive to help others reclaim their own health and wellbeing, he has since proceeded to undertake his Personal Training Certification, to further his career in fitness.

Lam and Kylie are based in Melbourne, and currently co-run Matanga Fitness, along with their dance school Afrikan Soul. They continue to teach and perform together on the national and international circuit, as time allows.

K​ylie is the co-founder of Matanga Fitness.

Her interest in health and wellbeing dates back to childhood. In pursuit of this, she completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and went on to train as a Medical Physician in hospitals throughout Australia.

To manage the stress and requirements of the job, she pursued her dual passion of dancing in any spare moments she could find outside of work.

To better understand this connection she travelled to Africa and Cuba, to gain a greater appreciation for the culture, the people, and the context from which the styles originated.

The further she went through her training, the more obvious it became that music and dance was providing her the humanity, joy, and perspective she needed to perform in her work to her greatest potential. Why were so few others  accessing it?

A turning point came when she met Lam, and they realised they could align their visions to create Matanga Fitness. 

With Matanga, they saw that they could bring a new fitness philosophy, a new sense of community, and a new approach to health and psychological wellbeing in a way greater than ever before.

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